Waverley Viaduct/ non-vehicle route through the city

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Waverley Viaduct/ non-vehicle route through the city

Postby mark lloyd » Tue Aug 07, 2012 1:48 pm

I believe the following could usefully be rolled up into the

(a) Protection of what's left of the trackbed from the bridge towards the city
centre and, on the north side, as far as where it meets National Cycle Route 7
(382572). The aim would be to reroute NCR7 this way.

(b) There would also be an aim of opening up the trackbed between Low Harker
(386609) and Longtown (377686), again as part of NCR7 (about a mile of it
already is).

(c) A right of way is shown on the map between Bankend (366604) and a bridge
over the main line west of High Crindledyke (373606), but when I tried it out
(admittedly about 10 years ago) it didn't exist on the ground. Let's reinstate
it (though I am not proposing to upgrade it for cyclists). On the west this
would link with the riverside and on the east with (b).

(d) This would then leave the task of creating a walking and cycling route
between the east side of the railway bridge (373606) and what is now the main
road bridge at Kingmoor (383583). The map shows a public footpath at the north
end and a "route with public access" at the south end, less than a mile apart.
Can they be linked up ? Or maybe it would be easier to link up the public rights
of way in the vicinity of the railway trackbed and come out on the track that
runs close to the railway siding at 387588.

The following, then would be the aim:

A: Cycle and walking route from castle along river to Waverley Bridge, along
trackbed to Stainton, along road to Kingmoor bridge, new route to High
Crindledyke, over motorway to Low Harker, along trackbed to Longtown.

B: Walking route from west side of main line via trackbed to Waverley Bridge,
along riverside to 360608, by theoretically existing right of way to other side
of main line, then linking up with cycle route enabling return to city.

I believe that these routes could be popular with people working on the various
industrial estates and thereby help to reduced traffic in the city.

Credit : Simon Norton

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