Glossary of Terms/ Structure of Sustainable Carlisle.

And a glossary of terms.........

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Glossary of Terms/ Structure of Sustainable Carlisle.

Postby mark lloyd » Mon Jun 25, 2012 4:22 pm

Steering Group

The Steering group meets once a month – and is made up of directors of Sustainable Carlisle, the coordinator, any other paid staff and person who is a member that is interested in attending.


Anyone who has bought a share in Sustainable Carlisle and paid their yearly subscription to the organisation.

Email list

Anyone who has signed up to receive email alerts from Sustainable Carlisle (main email list).
Other email lists include; funding, specific campaigns, sounding board, letter writing, Cumbria sustainability network etc...

Project groups

Active or dormant groups that are working on a specific theme or project. For example there is a dormant energy group, there is an upcycling group, the abundance group which works on local food issues.
A subcategory of project groups is campaigning groups – for example the Save Waverley viaduct group is working on a specific campaign. This is an active group. The save our forests group is now dormant (ie. Just an email list)

Working groups

Working groups work specifically on organisational issue. For example there is a funding group that is working on the on-going financial sustainability of the organisation.

Network Groups

Other groups include groups like cycle Carlisle (campaigning for better cycling provision) and diggin the trees (tree planting group). These groups are part of Sustainable Carlisle but also maintain a distinct identity.

Conversation cafés.

(now dormant), this is a monthly meeting with no, or very little structure, however it could be around a particular theme. We did have conversation cafés on Energy and nuclear. The idea is that there is no agenda, and this is a welcoming group that could be a way of people becoming more involved with Sustainable Carlisle.

Sustainable Carlisle is also part of Cumbria Sustainability Network (a network of 12 similar organisations across Cumbria)

Sustainable Carlisle is very interested in exploring partnership working such as the forthcoming collaboration with Brampton Food network on food buying groups in Carlisle. Or Joint events with groups such as Carlisle Green party.

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